Maine History & Culture Online

Free online resources from Maine cultural institutions, including virtual exhibits, interactive maps, games, lesson plans and more!

Abbe Museum

Educator Hub | Downloadable classroom and reference materials including lesson plans designed to bring Wabanki history and culture into the classroom.

Interactive Maps | Changes in the Dawnland, Languages and Landscapes, Stories of the Dawnland, and Wabanaki Today.

Colby College Museum of Art

Colby Museum @ Home | Hands-on art projects, audio & video recordings, jigsaw puzzles, virtual exhibitions and more.

Hudson Museum

Online Exhibits | View the museum’s exhibits online.

Resources for Teachers | Find websites, books and videos on Wabanaki history and culture.

Web App | Explore material culture traditions central to the Native Peoples of Maine through interviews, games, and animations.

YouTube Channel | Watch videos showcasing Wabanaki artists talking about basketmaking, birchbark and carving traditions, and more.

Maine Historical Society

Maine Memory Network | Access to thousands of historical items, lesson plans, and online exhibits.

Maine State Museum

Lessons & Resources | Lesson plans, primary source sets, and other resources to connect students with Maine State Museum exhibits and collections.

Osher Map Library

Gallery Exhibits | Virtual re-creations of Osher’s popular gallery exhibits.

Map Play 4 Kids | Slideshows, trivia, geomatching, scrambler, and links to other fun geography games.

Teach | Social studies lessons using maps, charts, and atlases as well as worksheets, board games, and other activities for K-12 students and teachers.

Penobscot Marine Museum

Online Exhibits| Take a tour of PMM’s paintings, photographs, and museum artifacts.

Penobscot Bay History Online | Educational site where students, teachers, and researchers can learn about maritime history and culture.

Story Map | Travel with Ernest W. Perkins from Boston to Buenos Aires through his diary written in 1892. Includes activity prompts.