Share Your COVID-19 Story

Help us document life in Central Maine during the COVID-19 pandemic by submitting your stories, images, oral history interviews, and videos to Heart of Maine Community Stories (a collaboration with Hartland Public Library, Newport Cultural Center, and Pittsfield Public Library).

We welcome anything created or collected by you including audio diaries, journal entries, letters, photographs, drawings, personal recollections, and interviews with friends and family.

We also invite you to share stories about living through other times of emergency and upheaval. Did you experience the April Fools’ Day Flood of 1987 or other historic disasters? What personal memories or stories of community resilience do you have of those times? What do you want to share with future generations about past events or the current pandemic?

Click here to submit a text-based story or to upload an image, oral history interview, video, or audio recording.

For questions to help guide your self-reflection or interview, please see Suggested Questions. For more information about conducting an oral history interview, see Tips for Interviewers.

Interested in sharing your story live? Join us for a virtual story slam on the theme “Free” on Friday, July 24 at 6 pm.