Stay up-to-date with what’s happening at the library! Click on the links below to view the Thompson Free Library’s quarterly newsletter, written and produced by library staffers Kim Brawn and Jon Knepp with layout help from Kazia Knepp (special thanks to Tom Lyford, emeritus newsletter contributor and all-around good guy).

Current newsletter: April 2024 [pdf] Contents: Eclipsing All Expectations | Highlighting Our Literary And Natural Resources | A Creek Runs Through It | Outward Bound | Wishin’ & Hopin’ & Plantin’ & Growin’ | Not Your Grandparents’ 4H | Starting Spring Early | Locally Sourced | Raising Readers | Work in Progress | Screen Shots |


January 2024 [pdf] Contents: Happy Holidaze! | Still Caring After All These Years | It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later | A Warm Welcome | Calling All Remote Workers | Every Breath You Take | Birds of a Feather | Who’s the Boss? | A Hero’s Welcome | Trick or Treat . . . Give Me Something Good to Read! | Screen Shots | 


October 2023 [pdf] Contents: Celebrating the Library’s Past, Present, and Future! | Bringing Songwriters ‘Round | Juke Box Heroine | “10/4, Good Buddy!” | Wild Thing…You Make My Heart Sing | Pulling Your Strings | Pop Goes the Artist | Three Times A Charm | Droning On and On | Get a Whiff of This! | Spoiled Meat | A Tale You Can’t Resist | A Book for Ants? | Discovery Process | Counting Crows (and Cows) | Screen Shots |

July 2023 [pdf] Contents: Long Journey Back | Leaving Our Mark | Winnie the Peep & Friends | Razzle Dazzle | The Birds and Bees (and the Bats!) | Garden Guest List | Reaching for the Stars | Seeing the Trees for the Forest | Once Upon a Trail | Send in the Clowns | Wit and Wildlife | Tim Knows Maine | Screen Shots

April 2023 [pdf] Contents: Cathie Pelletier Storms Into Town | Paving Her Own Way as a Writer | The Bee’s Trees | Weed Whackers | To Boldly Grow | Egging Us On | Biblio: A Real Plus | Bigfoot, Big Turnout | Help Wanted | Win-Win | This Library is Cool as Ice! | Blind Date with a Book | Dazzling Displays

January 2023 [pdf] Contents: Award-Winning Indigenous Stories: Unfiltered and Unforgettable | Tim’s “Something or Other” | Getting Back to Our Roots | Maine, Whatever the Weather | An Enchanted Evening | I Wanna See You Be Brave | The Other Constant in Life | Nowhere to Hidebehind | Give me something good to read! | Making Connections | Red Cross Ready | Free to be You and Me | Festivus for the Rest of Us


October 2022 [pdf] Contents: Puppet Masters | Sparks Fly | And the Beat Goes On | A Little Night Music | Beary Happy! | New Venue, Same Great Show | Vietze, Baxter Ranger | Loony About Loons | History Under a Microscope | Touched by Tides | As the World Warms | Village of the Scammed | Overcoming the Depression | Way Back When | Bee Friendly! | Bouncing for Books | Joy on the Fly | Meet the Neighbors

July 2022 [pdf] Contents: A Spirited Evening with Mira and Angie | Garden Variety | Little Canvas, Big Art | Demystifying Telehealth | Making Sense Out of Chaos | County Culture | All the Blocks that are Fit to Print | Cutting the Clutter Cord | The Story Continues! | Better Listen to Tonie! | Beyond the Biggest Loser | From the Ground Up! | Lights, Camera, Lobster! | A Mighty Wind | It’s a Pokemon Terrarium and We’re Just Living in it | A Cat by Any Other Name… | There Goes the Neighborhood

April 2022 [pdf] Contents: Adding Perspective (And Some Depth) to the Past | NOW IN 3D! | A Quilt with a Cause | PerSAUNAfication | Mulch Madness! | Educated | Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Maine | Walk on the Wild Side | New Kids in Town | TFL Gets a Glow Up | On Display!

January 2022 [pdf] Contents: Maine’s Mything Links | A Good Fit | Treating You Right | Sanderson Sisters Put a Spell on Youth | “Hurricane Ben” Sets Sights on Metallica | Back to School | Listen to Me! | Northern Comfort | Foxcroft Academy Yearbooks: Now Easier to “Review” | CATastrophe Avoided | Keepin’ it Merry and Bright, Y’all!


October 2021 [pdf] Contents: Highlands Classical Kicks Off Summer Right | How to Wow a Crowd: Invite Mr. Drew and His Animals Too | Pages for PAWS | On the Right Track | Water World | Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow | Science Jam | What’s in that Big Blue Box? | Musical Journey Through Times and Places | Crosby Band Captivates | Unwelcome Guests | Mindfulness in Motion | Reconnecting with Nature, Ourselves, and Each Other | Preserving the Past, One Frame at A Time | Bringing the Museum to the People | Close Encounters of the Tom Kind | Cold-Blooded Crowdpleasers | “HEY, Get ON Our Lawn!”

July 2021 [pdf]

Contents: Magical Mural Celebrates Suzanne’s Spirit | Big Foot, Bigger Event | Paths to Stories | Finding ConTENTment | As the Deadly World Turns | Worth the Hike: Moxie & More | Maine in the Revolution: the Only Thing Successful was the Lecture | Mainely Matt | Block (Printing) Party | Old Books into Art Nouveau | A Reader’s Best Friend | See the Forest for the Trees | Cricut, Anyone? | Photo Gallery

April 2021 [pdf]

Contents: Seed Library Taking Root | High Marks for ‘Lowering Days’ | What a Hoot! | Full STEAM Ahead! | Open on Saturdays! | The Stories We Tell | Explore the Great Outdoors—Through Books It’s Still Cold and Muddy Out | Just Browsing | Photo Gallery

January 2021 [pdf]

Contents: Unmasking New Director, Jon Knepp | Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow | The Day the “Music” Died? | Go Ask Alex | Welcome Addition | “Que Sera, Sera” | State of Maine | The Diseased Ship | Sustainable Living Resources | Wakelet | Photo Gallery


October 2020 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: From DC to Dover-Foxcroft | Time Travel Aboard the Postcard Express | Reading with Beanstack | All in This Together | Diverse Directions | Bittersweet Glimpses | Music to Our Ears | The Complete Forecast | Tai Chi 101 | Signs of the Times | What’s the Buzz? | Teaching Social Distancing to Library Critters

July 2020 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: Maine’s Past Revisited | Virtual World | We “Book” to the Woods | Together | No Time Like the Present | A Different Story Time | Curb Your Enthusiasm | Browse Bookshelves | All in a Lather | How Did We Keep Our Sanity While Staying Safe at Home?

April 2020 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: A Slam from the Heart |Composting Compendium | Helping Our Homeless | Garden in a Box | My Baby Wrote Me a Letter |Innovative Artists | Balsam ILL Basics | Future Famous Writers of America | Looking Forward

January 2020 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: Monster Mashup | Feeling Fine Free | The Original Text | Kid Cat | Magical Mystery Tour | Harmonious Habitat | Passion for Painting | In the Zone |Something Old, Something New | Monument Man | Caring for Yourself | Happy Holidays!


October 2019 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: No Lighthouses, No Lobsters | Climate Crisis | Setting Off Lyrical Fireworks | Sweet Smell of Success | Understanding the Toddlah | Imagining Growing Up to Make a Difference | Family Detective | The Artists’ Way | Full Circle | Animal Attraction | TFL is Going to the Dog!| Teen Time | Nature’s Pharmacy | The Sounds of Summer

July 2019 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: Tales of Two Wardens: A Look Behind Prison Walls, North Woods Law | Voices from Home | Voting Down the Rose | On the Streets Where You Live | The Ice Man Cometh | TFL’s 101 Series: Soup’s On, Journals from Junk, Head Space | Watching them Grow | Seeds of Change | Artist of the Month | For the Birds | Wockets in Pockets | Happy 50th Anniversary!

April 2019 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: I Think, Therefore I Am | Artists of the Month | Mimicking Nature | Caring for Yourself | All the President’s Men | Our Own Little Cinema Paradiso | Low Vision Awareness | Assisted Living for Retired Parrots | Branching Out

January 2019 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: Poetry Alive and Well at TFL | Mystery Man | Wisdom from a Father | Little SoHo | Art Walk | All That Glitters | Material World | Michelle’s Brainchild | Ho Ho Ho



October 2018 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: Artist of the Month | Field Trip | Library! The Musical |Memoir 101 | Ground Hog Day | Movin’ & Groovin’ | TFL’s Dog Days of Summer | Catching Up with Aislinn | Commemorating Her Life and Service | Dancing with Spirit | Mystery Rocks TFL

July 2018 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: Goodbye, Helen | Hello, Greta | Artists: Jane Blay, Geneva Chambers, Student Artwork| Voices of the Past | Dandelion Detox | Fermented Fun | Lighten Your Load | Paper Muse

April 2018 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: Patriotic “Eye-Candy” | 3D Printer |TFL’s April 10 Cent Book Sale | Artist of the Month | Bee a Reader | TFL Book Club | The Knit and Purl Gang | Technology Help Time | An Eggscellent Adventure | Not Your Parents’ Science Camp | Guardians of Truth

January 2018 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: Gala Tea Party Celebrating TFL’s 120th Birthday | Farmers’ Market | Halloween at TFL | Another Dimension | Domestic Partners for Peace | Christmas Crafting | A Christmas Story(time) | The Library, the Witch, and the Wardrobe | Trickster Tracks


October 2017 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: A Picture Book is Worth a Thousand Words | Red Hot Reads | Floral Feng Shui | Putting the Moose in Moosehead | Abstracting the Desert | Herbal Alchemy (Stress & Anxiety Edition) | Papermaking with Sarah Robinson | Time Flies

July 2017 Newsletter [pdf]

Contents: A Creative Collaboration | Brown Bag Lunch Series’ Spotlight: The JD Foundation | Recent/Current Art Displays at the Library | Tom Lyford’s Slightly Darker Poetry Presentation