Explore the World from Home

Explore the world from home with Google Earth Voyager — a collection of interactive guided tours on topics like travel, culture, nature, and history. Voyager integrates media including 360 videos and Street View to let you learn about the Earth from a new perspective!

Try one of the following tours, or visit Voyager for many more!

Amazing Libraries

Global libraries with a difference — from 9th-century landmarks housing medieval manuscripts, to ultra-modern buildings that light up the city sky at night.

Animals and Wildlife of the World

See a sampling of the planet’s eight million species of wildlife, from ancient tortoises of the Galápagos to monkeys that bathe in the hot springs of Japan.

Discover the United States

From coast to coast, the US is home to stunning natural sites, diverse cultural scenes, and historic landmarks.

Great Hikes Around the World

From Switzerland to Israel, ascend these picturesque hiking trails and discover breathtaking views along the way.

Museums Around the World

Visit 28 museums near and far — from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to the National Museum in New Delhi — to learn about art all over the globe.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Visit 30 historic landmarks around the world, including the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge and more!

US National Parks and Historic Sites

Get up close with nature and explore the beauty of US National Parks.

Walk the Appalachian Trail

Tour popular Appalachian Trail pitstops, where hikers find shelter and stock up on supplies during the 2,190-mile journey. (Featuring Monson, Maine!)

The World’s Ocean

The ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, yet only 5 percent has been explored. Discover the wonders found under the sea with Street View imagery collected by Underwater Earth and The Ocean Agency.

WWII Memorials Around the World

From Pearl Harbor to Brandenburg Gate, these monuments piece together the solemn story of WWII as countries experienced it around the world.