Thompson Free Library is working to start our very own Community “Zine.”

What is a zine, you ask? A zine (pronounced “zeen” just like the end of the word magazine) is a homemade publication. Making a zine is all about self-expression and creativity, sharing thoughts, feelings, and creative passions through non-fiction writings, fan fiction, short stories, poetry, song writing, photography, comic or graphic novel strips, doodles, paintings, drawings, and more.

Zines can have an array of messages or topics, and ours will be shared in both neatly-bound and web- based presentations. Every zine we publish will begin with a creative prompt. Our first go-round idea is this:

Are you an avid film-buff with a head full of endless lists of the film titles you can’t stop talking about? Are you the 5K racer or marathoner forever in training or competitions? Is it cats and kittens for you, or dogs and puppies that have forever captured your heart? Do you find yourself foraging through antique stores looking for unexpected treasures? Got grandchildren? What’s your favorite genre: sci-fi, horror, mysteries, or perhaps it is romantic comedies? You a Trekkie? Is it your dream to be a groupie or even a roadie for Lady Gaga or Fallout Boy? A chess player looking for your next checkmate/game-over thrill? A solitary hiker of the wooded wilderness? A Nascar nut, budding chef, gadget-guru, or the next Eric Clapton on guitar?

We’re taking passions here, and ‘Passions’ is the prompt for our first issue. We invite your creative submissions for publication.

Submissions for this first Zine will be due by 5 pm on August 28th, 2020.

And by the way, if you can think up a catchy name for our community zine (or a future topic that might be fun) please let us know!

Request and Rules:

The Thompson Free Library is looking for community members from the Maine Highlands Region to submit a piece/pieces of work (maximum of 3 pages) to be published in an inclusive, all-ages publication. Submitting hand-written writing is fine as long as it is legible, plus we’re requiring 1-inch margins so the physical zine can be bound.

If you are submitting art or photographs, we are asking for pictures or scans of the art, we do not want originals; we want you to keep those.

Again, please remember that this is an all-ages, inclusive publication, so we ask that language and content be kept appropriate for everyone. Hateful content of any kind will not be published, and we furthermore reserve the editorial right to select or dismiss submissions at our discretion.

Please send submissions by email to or by snail mail to 186 E. Main Street, Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426.  If you have any questions, please email us or call us at 207-564-3350.

We can’t wait to do this project with our community members!

This month the library is hosting the Living Innovations Traveling Art Show!

About the exhibit: “Our hope with this art show is to show the local communities that people with intellectual disabilities and autism are able to express themselves in artistic ways and to show the artists that their work is valuable and worth sharing with others!”

Come in before March 13 to vote for your three favorite pieces to be included in the Lest We Forget – Annual Celebration of the Arts, held April 15 at the Hall of Flags in Maine’s State House.


Geneva Gerrish is our February artist! Visit the library this month to view her vivid pencil and ink artwork.

Bio/Artist Statement:

Geneva has been an artist since childhood and still prefers to create her artwork with pencils, ink pens, colored pencils, and gel pens (especially *glitter* gel pens). Her style has been described as both hyper-realism and cartoon surrealism.

Geneva is primarily a portrait artist because she finds people to be the most fascinating subjects. To see more artwork or to contact her directly for a custom piece of your own, please visit her Facebook page “Genevawesome Art

November’s art exhibit features new works in acrylic, mix media, and collage by local artist Kathy Farris. Kathy will donate 50% of the proceeds from any artwork sold to Pine Tree Hospice.

Artist Statement:

The works exhibited are my most recent, completed in the latter 2018, and in 2019. Though eclectic in subject matter, what the paintings have in common is a play with the element of color. Using established color harmonies then trying new combinations was an enjoyable task.

Some history research was employed in the process of painting the abandoned train station on the way to Borestone Mountain. With some help from Greta and Michelle at TFL I found out “Bodfish Station” had been the official residence of the section foreman working for Canadian Pacific Railroad. The building housed him and his family upstairs, and the downstairs was an area for those waiting to ride the “Scoot.” The train made its last run in 1960.




Visit the library this October to view vibrant paintings in a variety of styles and mediums (including oil, watercolor, and mixed media) by Monson artist Roberta W. Jarvis!

Roberta graduated from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. Her work includes both contemporary and traditional style paintings and techniques. Roberta was most often painting with oils, but is currently working with watercolor and her new-found fondness for milk paint. She finds experimenting with mixed media most gratifying as she uses her skills for therapeutic resolve as well as sketching and painting the landscape around her.

When not painting her own canvases, Roberta finds deep satisfaction cleaning and restoring artworks for other collectors, bringing new life to old paintings. She also draws much of her inspiration from many genres of music and plays the guitar with other musicians.

The diverse beauty found in Northern Maine holds endless possibilities for creating art and provokes Roberta to continue her passion into her senior years. Roberta and her husband reside in Monson, Maine on Lake Hebron.

For more information, please contact Roberta at: 207-997-3244 or