Voices from HOME Oral History Project

June 2019 Interview Guide | Theme: Dads & Grads

This month, we invite you to explore your relationship with your dad and to reflect on your educational experience and where it has led you. Choose a few of these questions to help guide your interview, or come up with questions of your own. Remember, it’s okay to let the conversation flow naturally and lead you to other topics.

Suggested Questions:

  • What do you remember most about your dad? What was your relationship like with him? What traditions did he pass on to you?
  • What kind of education did your dad have? How do you think his experience in school was different from yours?
  • Do you have a favorite memory of your high school experience? What was your favorite subject? Were there any teachers who had a strong influence on you?
  • What options did you consider after finishing high school? Did you get a job, travel, or go to college? What influenced your decision?
  • What did your dad do for a living? What kind of life did he want for you? How did he feel about the path you chose?

Questions to ask a dad:

  • When did you first find out that you’d be a dad? How did that feel? Can you describe the moment that you saw your child for the first time?
  • What were your proudest moments as a parent? What were some of the hardest? What advice would you give me about raising kids of my own?
  • How has being a parent changed you? What are your dreams for your children or grandchildren? What values do you hope you’ve instilled?

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