Voices from HOME Oral History Project

November 2019 Interview Guide | Theme: Blue Ribbons

This month, we invite you to share your memories of the Piscataquis Valley Fair. Choose a few of these questions to help guide your interview, or come up with questions of your own. Remember, it’s okay to let the conversation flow naturally and lead you to other topics.

Suggested Questions:

  • How long have you been coming to the fair? What do you remember about that first visit to the fair?
  • What is your favorite fair memory? Can you describe your best/worst day at the fair?
  • Do you have a favorite fair food?
  • What are your favorite fair activities? Are there games or exhibits that you go to every time you visit the fair?
  • Have you ever been involved with 4-H, or any shows or exhibits?
  • How did you get started showing at fairs? What does showing your animals at the fair mean to you?
  • How has the fair changed over your lifetime?
  • What does the fair mean to you? Why is the fair important to this community?

Voices from HOME: Celebrating, recording, & sharing stories from one generation to the next in the heart of rural Maine.